Christian Ryan

Saxophonist/Flutist • Performer • Arranger • Instructor

Christian Ryan is a rising figure in the Florida music community.  After 600+ shows the past 3 years out of school, he has been dubbed by fans and peers alike as "the busiest musician in Orlando".  With his willingness to play be it anytime, anywhere, and anything; he has been able to become one of the most in-demand and versatile musicians in the state of Florida.  Forging a unconventional path attempting to bring the saxophone into situations one may not expect to hear it, he has consistently helped bands reach new heights.  Possessing equal appreciation for complex harmonies to simple grooves, instrumentals to clever lyrics, new school to vintage, commonplace to the weird; he is constantly testing his musical palette.  With a firm root in funk and groove based music, a strong theoretical background and a vast knowledge of listening, he takes pride in playing exactly what the situation calls for.

With what began as "something that seemed cool" in picking up the alto saxophone at 11 years old, has blossomed into an exciting journey.  Taking his talents throughout the state, across the United States, parts of the Caribbean, and as far as China, he has had the opportunity to learn from the road with some of best and upcoming bands in the scene.  From major festivals and sold out venues, to dive bars and fields in the middle of nowhere, he has played it all.

Christian has been featured as an Artist at Large at several music festivals taking inspiration from Bear Creek legends such as Maceo Parker, George Porter Jr., and Roosevelt Collier to name a few, and has gained the reputation of sitting in whenever he is in the vicinity of the stage.  Under Current Projects you can view an extensive listing of all the groups he has collaborated with.

In the mean time, you are bound to see Christian Ryan playing at a venue near you.  


" of the 43 bands Christian Ryan plays in (little-known fact: Christian is in fact an alien who does not need to sleep). I kid, but Christian has both remarkable talent and range, which puts him in demand for jazz, funk, reggae, metal (!!), pop and just about everything else."  

Even if you had a program, you probably couldn’t keep up with his schedule."
- Scott hopkins ( your Shoes Reviews