My First Full Length Project!

I've been waiting quite some time for this moment.

Not only does this mark a longly anticipated release for the Leisure Chief, but it is also a very notable milestone for my music career. It may be hard to believe between all the groups I've worked with and recorded for, however, this CD marks the first full length album release for me. Over the years, I've played a plethora of others' CD release shows, featured as a guest on countless tracks for various projects, and have been a part of a lot of demo/EP/live recordings; but nothing like this.  To have music I've had a true creative force behind, and to hear lines and arrangements I've contributed is a tough feeling to describe!

To achieve this accomplishment with some of my best friends, who also happen to be the most talented and inspiring crew I've been associated with is even greater.  All the ups & downs, festivals around the state, Thursday nights at Tanquerays, rehearsals, lineups, growth as brothers, and prior attempts to make this record have been worth it 100%.  What I've gained in this period of time has been tremendous.

It feels damn good to hold this record in my hand, and I am extremely proud of the end result. And it is only the beginning of what the future has in store.

I truly hope you'll join us Monday night to commemorate the occasion!

Leisure Chief's Debut Album Release at Will's Pub - 2/22
w/ Anthony Cole's Central Ayr Productions and Electric Kif

"King of Nothing" - Leisure Chief

Nick Bogdon - Guitar, Vocals
Derek Engstrom - Drums, Vocals
Chris McMullen - Bass
Keegan Matthews - Rhodes, Organ, Synth
Christian Ryan - Alto, Baritone Sax
Gabe Carson - Tenor Sax
Paul Chong-You - Trumpet
Jorge Ito Colon Jr. - Percussion

Recorded & Mixed by: Dan Hanson
Mastered by: Matthew Mill

Album Art by: Eric Steen
LC Logo by: Swamburger