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Awesome Bands I Don't Play With - Part III: John David Williams

I get this question a lot, "So how many bands do you play with?"

Well, you can get that answer here.

While some may consider that list pretty extensive, there are certainly tons of great bands and artists out there I am not officially a part of.  With that in mind, I've decided to make a series of blog posts highlighting some of my favorite groups and individuals around Florida I do not play with.

Part three of this series features multi-talented singer-songwriter and friend, John David Williams.

I've known John since our days back at Valencia College's music program a few years ago and it has been a pleasure watching this guy come into form over the years.  Whether drawing from folk hero Nick Drake, the sounds of Motown from Detroit, the harmonies of the Beach Boys, or grunge movement of the 90s, John's influences are ever present in his music.  His latest release, No Need to Hurryfeatures John on only on vocals but performing on every single instrument.  That alone is an impressive task in itself and a testament to John's abilities.  You catch John usually performing at places like Austin's Coffee, Orlando Brewing, Red Lion Pub, Natura Coffee & Tea or The Vine in Sanford.  He is also a part of a new project featuring fellow songwriters Alison Sherberg and Fox Marshall called Foxy Lady Williams (You can catch their debut performance at Little Econ Love Fest on March 29th).

Probably his most popular song would be "Under the Lights", check it out here:

You can listen to John's latest album below, order your copy on iTunes/CD Baby, and can catch him singing backup for Caiti Patton tonight at Wing Shack and performing solo at the Vine in Sanford tomorrow evening!